Picnic day

Ask the “picnic basket” from the reception of Athens Panorama Project and supply it with the goods of your taste. You are now ready to enjoy your day in nature! Some of the ideal places you may visit is Filopappou hill, Mpeletsi lake, Syggrou grove, Antonis Tritsis park, Papagou grove, Tatoiou forest, Veikou grove and many more.


If you woke up feeling adventurous, do not hesitate to visit our reception and ask information for the ideal hiking experience for you! Galatsiou grove, Diomidios Botanic garden, the National garden and Imittos mountain are some of the suggested proposals.


If you are looking for a more intense exercise, just ask our reception department further information regarding cycling and bike paths! The cycling race called “Stis geitonies tis Athinas”, meaning “at the neighborhoods of Athens” is organized once a year and its starting point is at Pedion Areos (750 m from Athens Panorama Project).

Archaeological sites and monuments

As Greece and especially Athens is famous for its archaeological sites and monuments, our reception team is willing to guide you for all the must-see sites from the Classical and the Roman times. Acropolis, theatre of Herodes Atticus, Ancient Agora, temple of Hephastus, temple of Olympian Zeus and many more are only a few of the key visits.

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